SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — While working with sharp tools the possibility of injuring yourself is high, so students were able to learn from the experts about the proper way to deal with workplace injuries.

Kids at the Sioux City Career Academy got hands-on training from MercyOne ER nurses for the ‘Stop The Bleed’ program, which teaches folks how to identify and treat life-threatening wounds. 

Roughly 70 students participated with many being a part of the Construction Trades pathway.

“We don’t know where these kids are gonna end up. It might be at home, it might be at a job sight, it might be on a vacation, and not knowing what to do is a very uncomfortable feeling. So we’re gonna teach these kids what to do should they encounter serious bleeding,” said Anthony Gaul, a teacher with Sioux City Career Academy.

Students were taught how to pack a gunshot, knife, and puncture wounds as well as how to use a tourniquet.

Katelynn Adams is a 12th-grade student at North High School she said she learned a lot from this program.

“I knew how to apply pressure, but the other two things I did not know. Not only could I help myself in emergency situation, but I could help fellow peers and teachers in emergency situations,” said Adams

Adams says she’s thankfully never been in a situation where this knowledge was needed, but knows it will come in handy with her future career.