Sioux City street names uncovered

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Sioux City streets. You may drive on them everyday, but have you ever stopped to think about the significance behind their names? One of Sioux City’s greatest history nuts, Tom Munson, takes us on a ride through how a few of these street names came to be.

“What does Panoah mean? Panoah isn’t a word. When we look at some original maps of Sioux City the street was Pancah. I think what happened is somebody mistook that ‘c’ for an ‘o’ and you turned Pancah street into Panoah. Pancah is the Indian people. Panoah is nothing. That’s a great story,” says Sioux City Public Museum Archives Manager Tom Munson said.

What has become one of the most traveled streets, Hamilton Boulevard, was actually named after somebody who was always behind the scenes with little recognition. 

“Most likely named for one of our early photographers. A photographer who was here in Sioux City from 1866 till the mid 1890’s. A street name for a photographer. I love it,” Munson said.

Lafayette Street, Steuban Street, Morgan Street and Chambers Street, when put together, they all have a common tie.

“I always had a suspicion that Steuban Street was named for an American Revolutionary war general and I had a good idea that Lafayette was the same case. So with the help of my co-workers we pieced together that Daniel Morgan Morgan Street was also an American Revolutionary war general. Benjamin Chambers, though not a general, was a prominent colonel,” Munson said.

Many were in attendance at Munsons’ lunchtime history lesson and now they’ll have a whole new appreciation for the streets that take them to their destination.

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