Sioux City School District rejects bids for Bryant Elementary School construction

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The Sioux City School District is back at the drawing board Tuesday afternoon after rejecting bids to build the new Bryant Elementary School. The two bids received were each more than $2 million over budget.

This delay in re-tooling and re-bidding the project will delay the new school building’s opening by at least a year, making it 2020 before it opens.
The school district put aside $16 million for the construction, but the bids the district received last night from construction companies were closer to $19 million.
So now they’ll have an architect revise the plans in an attempt to seek lower bids for the job.

The old Bryant Elementary School building dated back to the 1880’s. The district opted to tear it down and planned to build a new Bryant school at that site.

Superintendent Dr. Paul Gausman tells us he thinks a mix-up over plans for a storm shelter in the new school building may have led to the cost overrun in the construction proposals they received.

“What we believe may have happened is that they created a stronger foundation for this potential storm shelter, but when the storm shelter was no longer required, they may not have removed the amount of concrete necessary to support just that item. That’s a speculation at this time, they’re certainly working through the number to figure that out” says Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Schools Superintendent.

Dr. Gausman visited Crescent Elementary earlier Tuesday, that’s where where Bryant students have been bussed to attend classes while they await the new school. He’s disappointed at the construction setback, but says the district has no choice.

“They learned that it might be an additional year, there’s disappointment with that, no doubt. I think we’re all disappointed in this, but we really have no other option at this point but to reject the those bids and try to alter the design in such a way that we can yield bids closer to that original estimate” says Dr. Paul Gausman, Sioux City Schools Superintendent.

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