A former Sioux City schools principal has filed a lawsuit against the school district as well as several school officials. Those officials include Superintendent Paul Gausman, Associate Superintendent Kim Buryanek, and Director of Elementary Education Brian Burnight. They are all accused of sex discrimination, age discrimination, and breach of contract. 

According to a petition filed on January 22, Dawn Stansbury claims she was demoted from her position as principal of Morningside Elementary to an assistant principal position due to her age and sex. She also says her contract was wrongfully terminated.

Stansbury served as principal of Morningside Elementary since the building opened in 2015. Prior to that, she served as principal at two other elementary schools in Sioux City.

According to the lawsuit, in April of 2018, Stansbury was set to be “disciplined” by becoming a middle school assistant principal. She was offered the choice of accepting the position or be discharged. Burnright allegedly told Stansbury that she would never advance from the assistant principal position “so long as Gausman was the superintendent.”

She refused the position and resigned “under duress” in August. 

Stansbury claims she was discharged without any reason as to why she was being disciplined and discharged without being told of her right to appeal or question the decision.

KCAU 9 reached out to the Sioux City Community School District on Tuesday. The district says that they cannot comment on any ongoing litigation.