SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Around 100 kids dressed in Halloween costumes took over Sioux City’s Sanford Center on Monday night.

This marks the 4th year workers at the center have invited young ones inside for a safe night of begging for candy and dozens did just that. From face paint to full masks, a variety of costumes were on display.

In addition to handfuls of candy, guests were able to participate in games and a free-will donation bake sale and they did it all inside away from the cold.

“Um, I think because we take of them all day it’s just so much funner to be on the other side to be able to see their families and see moms and dads and be able to you know be the fun people.” Sanford Child Development Director Daniela Haas said.

Parents and guardians weren’t left out of the fun either. Parents had a chance to win a boo-basket!