Sioux City retires cash keys for parking meters

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Big changes are coming to a popular parking program in downtown Sioux City. On Tuesday, the city announced they are phasing out cash keys for metered parking. 

If you’re planning to head downtown anytime soon, your options to pay for parking will be a little more limited. If you don’t have any change readily available, your only other option will be downloading the city’s parking app. It’s something many people are already using, but others say this app will be a big adjustment. 

“I think the younger generation is probably going to use it more so than somebody my age but maybe eventually I’ll get there,” said Tammy Stuhrenberg a resident of Sioux City.

The cash keys allowed people in Sioux City to pay in advance for parking and took away the struggle of finding change. Now the city says the technology is just too old.

“People are really fond of using them but because the software that we have to be able to load them is on its last leg and because we can’t get parts anymore, we really don’t have any other option as far as replacing something like the cash keys,” said Monette Harbeck, the parking and meter supervisor.

Harbeck says the keys, software, and meters have all been breaking down. She says people can still use their cash keys at meters where the system is still functioning, but the city will no longer be adding money to keys. For people who never really carry cash, the park mobile app is now the next best option. 

“Go into the mobile app each meter has got a zone and a stall number and our parking meter attendants on their fairly new ticket writing devices that they have we call them handhelds are able to see with a civics mark app or the park mobile app who has plugged their meter,” said Harbeck. 

To get your cash key refunded, visit customer service on the first floor of city hall. If your key can’t be read at the city office, a refund will not be possible

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