SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – Hundreds of train enthusiasts got a treat from a bygone age.

The Sioux City Railroad Museum teamed up with the Dakota and Iowa Railroad along with Northwestern Historical Society to offer a ride like it was the 1960’s. The train left from downtown Akron and made it way to Hawarden and back with a stop along the way to take in the views of Northwest Iowa.

T.J. Obermeyer with the Sioux City Railroad Museum told KCAU 9 about what this ride means.

“The only time to really ride a train right now would be to take like an Amtrak or a private excursion train so to bring it to Sioux City, opportunity like this is hard to pass up.”

The Sioux City Railroad Museum hopes to be able to offer more rides like this in the very near future.