SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)– The Housing Committee for Sioux City RAGBRAI is seeking residents to open up their homes and yards for riders’ overnight stay.

So far, 750 registered RAGBRAI riders have requested local accommodations. Coordinators have secured housing for about 300 cyclists, but at least 450 riders still need area hosts. Most riders are expecting only a yard for camping, while access to a bathroom and shower is appreciated.

Francine Stewart, the co-chair of the Housing Committee, told KCAU 9 about her experience with taking riders in for RAGBRAI.

“You get really close, once you host these people, you get to know them. They’re like family. So like for Christmas, they sent me a Christmas card. I sent them one back. We always say happy birthday. it’s one of those things that they actually become part of your family. And it’s only like one day for us,” said Francine Stewart.

If you would like to host a rider, click here to sign up.

The Sioux City RAGBRAI Committee also announced two locations for long-term parking.