Sioux City Public Museum honors 1920’s journalist for Women’s History Month

Local News

The Sioux City Public Museum is honoring Women’s History Month by featuring one of Sioux City’s earliest female reporters. 

Ruby Westenhaver reported for the Sioux City Journal and Tribune back in the 1920’s.

Westenhaver broke the mold for female journalists of the era. 

Articles assigned to women usually dealt with home-making, fashion and social life, but not Ruby’s.

Hard news like the finances of the city, civil rights and politics were her beat.

Her stories won multiple national awards throughout her career, providing inspiration to people even today, nearly 100 years later.

“Perhaps some women take their position for granted. Like there’s always been female reporters. There’s always been women in the working world. Especially women like me. Women in their 20’s who have to hear about stories like this from their parents and grandparents,” said Haley Aguirre, archival records clerk for the Public Museum.

Clippings of Westenhaver’s articles can be seen at the museum. Even now, her writing is considered to be a peak example of professional journalism.

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