Sioux City police are about to launch a major crackdown on abandoned vehicles ahead of winter’s arrival.

That’s because cars left on city streets hamper snow removal efforts.

It was warmer than the start of the week today, but winter is still coming, and what that means for Siouxland, is snow.

Sioux City typically gets about 36 inches of snow every year.

And officers say they’re not going to wait for the first major snow to have to tow abandoned cars that get in the way of snow removal efforts.

Police are trying to get ahead of this problem and will be patrolling the streets over the next few weeks — seeking out any cars, boats and trailers that are abandoned.

They’re also looking for vehicles that are broken down, in violation of parking ordinances, or don’t have current license plates or registration. 

The goal is to remove those vehicles before they get snow bound and blocking the roads.  

“Every year when winter comes, as you know, the streets get covered with snow and suddenly the plows are out trying to clear the streets, and there are abandoned cars, inoperable vehicles, unregistered vehicles.  Any style of car like that sitting on the side of the road, and it makes it hard for the snow removal to happen, which then makes it hard for daily drivers to navigate the streets,” says Sergeant Jason Allen of the Sioux City Police Department.

Officers plan on putting tags or stickers on resident’s vehicles ahead of actually towing them so hopefully the owner can retrieve and remove it before it’s impounded. 

If the they fail to do so however, it could cost hundreds of dollars to retrieve your car after it’s been towed.

Sioux city police plan to start enforcing this over the next few weeks of November, as the weather is quickly changing and they hope to get abandoned vehicles taken care of before the first major snowfall.