SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – The Sioux City Police Department is noticing an uptick in car thefts and vandalism as the weather warms up.

Since April 1st, there have been 13 burglaries to motor vehicles in Sioux City. This means it’s important to always lock your car doors and avoid leaving valuable items in your car.

Also since the beginning of April, there have been about 30 vehicles vandalized. The Community Policing Sergeant Tom Gill explained one way you can keep you and your car safe from these types of incidents.

“So make sure you leave your vehicle in a well lit area. If you have to park in a parking ramp, try to park somewhere that’s more well lit instead of a dark area and again, don’t leave valuables inside your vehicle,” Community Policing Sergeant Tom Gill said.

Sergeant Gill also says that if your car does not have an electric start, never leave your keys in your car with the car running.