SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Tis’ the season… To get your packages stolen.

Though thieves, also known as porch pirates, are a problem year-round, package theft increases around the holidays.

That percentage is actually expected to hit new records this year- about 57% of consumers intend to shop online for the entire holiday season.

Sioux City Police Officer Andrew Dutler gave a few prevention tips to best protect you and your porch.

“It’s a good idea to consider video doorbell. A lot of times this can deter the crime from happening. When criminals see that you have some sort of camera, they may not steal that package. If in fact they do, then when you report it to law enforcement, you have the ability to take a look at that picture, that still photo or maybe that video of that individual,” Dutler said.

He added that Siouxlanders can change how your package gets delivered, as well as the destination.
He said if their workplace allows it, they should try shipping important items there, as it is likely more secure than your doorstep.

If that isn’t an option, try the ‘sign for release’ option of delivery. That way, if they aren’t home, the package won’t be left out in the open for someone to swipe.

“Porch piracy is a common occurrence here in Sioux City. Property crimes are an issue in this community, which could be a good thing. We are relatively low in violent crime but we do have things like theft and burglary,” said Dutler.

If Siouxlanders do become a victim of porch piracy but don’t have a way to track the thief, Dulter said they should still report it to local law enforcement. There are several different steps they can take to try to catch the culprit. They can also try checking with their neighbors to see if there was any suspicious activity or surveillance footage captured at the time of theft.