SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Police Department has announced that they are once again relocating one of their speed kiosks.

Earlier this year, the kiosks were moved to the 3100 block of Lincoln Way and the 4700 block of South Lakeport Street. Now, the kiosk located on South Lakeport will be moving to the 3100 block of Myrtle Street. The kiosk on Lincoln Way will remain there.

The South Lakeport kiosk was moved to Myrtle Street as a community suggestion.

When the kiosks were first installed, they were placed on Hamilton Boulevard and Floyd Boulevard, and then later moved to Transit Avenue and Military Road.

The police department said that if the speed limit is obeyed, drivers don’t need to worry about receiving a citation from the kiosk.

Tickets issued by the kiosks do not go on driving records but are subject to fines.