Sioux City pet owners call for change at city dog park

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Passionate pet owners are demanding changes at the city owned dog park at Bacon Creek. This, after a small dog was killed by a rottweiler when the two animal were playing in the same area of the park.

City council member, Rhonda Capron says, “It’s interesting because we’ve had the dog park sense 2005 and this has really turned into a big issue. I myself think that we should have them separated, we should have a big park and a little park for big and little dogs.”

That’s what the public is asking for, too. They want separate, fenced off areas for big dogs and small dogs. Alexus Ballantyne, who owns the rottweiler involved in the incident, agrees. She doesn’t believe her dog is aggressive, but it happened in a split second.

Owner of the Rottweiler, Alexus Ballantyne, says, “It was just kind of a big shock that it would happen. I had kept a good eye on her and she showed no signs. I don’t know if she wanted to play. I don’t speak dog and I don’t know anybody who does.”

Lary Ruvida owns the shitzu that was killed. He’s pleading with the city council, desperate for changes to be made.

Ruvida says, “In life we’re held accountable for everything we do and we need to be held accountable for what our dogs do.”

Other suggestions include requiring all dogs who visit the park to be registered in Sioux City or a tracking system for anyone who brings their pet to Bacon Creek. Both options difficult to enforce from the city’s perspective.

Capron says, “Bottom line, people need to be responsible for their dogs. And we can’t make people be responsible. It’s common sense.”

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