SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — With tax season underway, Sioux City police officials want to remind Siouxlanders of the dangers of IRS scams.

Doing taxes can be stressful enough and receiving a call, text, or email saying you owe money to the IRS can send anyone scrambling to pay it off quickly.

Sergeant Thomas Gill, the Community Policing Sergeant with the Sioux City Police Department (SCPD), said the IRS will send letters to residents above everything else.

“The IRS is not going to cold call anybody, they’re not going to make threats over the phone, if someone calls you over the phone and says you owe taxes and if you don’t pay the taxes, we’re gonna send the police out to arrest you, that’s not going to happen,” said Sgt. Gill.

Sgt. Gills said if you receive a call from the IRS, get their name, an employee number, and a call back number then contact the IRS to confirm this person is an employee.