SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A new exhibit is coming to the Sioux City City Hall Museum.

According to a release from the City of Sioux City, the city is partnering with the African American Museum of Iowa to host an exhibit called “Suspended: Systemic Oppression in Our Schools.”

This traveling exhibit aims to examine the role public schools play in funneling students into the prison system, the release said.

The release said that there are elements of the criminal justice system that were added to public schools and disproportionally affect students of color.

“‘Suspended’ helps you learn more and explore ways to dismantle systems that feed the school-to-prison pipeline,” the release said.

The exhibit featured three 8×8 double-sided panels.

The grand opening of the exhibit is April 13 at 12 p.m. The exhibit is free and will be located in the City Hall Museum at 405 6th Street until June 31. You can visit the exhibit between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.