SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Every day 100 Americans are killed by guns, and hundreds more are injured. Monday, dozens of Siouxlanders moved to take a stand against the violence

“You know, I’m glad to be able to raise awareness to this issue, but the only reason I’m doing it because there isn’t enough being done right now,” Moms Demand Action volunteer Jackie Stellish said.

Hoping to bring gun violence awareness to the forefront, a group of Sioux city moms are calling for action.

“The day after Parkland really opened up my eyes. I have two young children, and I thought enough is enough, and we’re going to do something about this. I’m going to do something about this,” says Stellish.

Dozens gathered inside city hall as Mayor Bob Scott read a proclamation declaring the first Friday in June Gun Violence Awareness Day.

Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott said, “There will be people opposed to any kind of reading or proclamation on guns, but I think we do have too much violence in this country.”

“Basically what it is, is it’s a recognition that we need to draw awareness to not just our nation, but in our community,” said Stellish.

According to the CDC in 2017 nearly 300 Iowans died in firearm-related deaths. With over 30,000 dying nationwide.

To help honor the lives lost, Moms Demand Action are calling for people to wear orange this weekend. Orange has a long and proud history in the gun violence prevention movement. Whether it’s worn by hunters, Moms, or students across the country, orange honors the lives cut short by gun violence every day.

“It’s just sad that so many groups of people had to die in order for this to gain the attention that it has. Enough is enough. Not one more. We must do more,” said Stellish.