SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A woman who was accused of throwing her infant son was sentenced to prison after entering a plea agreement.  

According to the plea agreement documents, Avigahi Cheron Hernandez, 21, was sentenced on April 21, 2022, to 5 years in federal prison, and must pay $1,025 in fines.  

Cheron Hernandez was charged with child endangerment causing serious injury after she allegedly threw her child six feet away, and his head hit the armrest of a chair. The initial complaint documents indicated that the armrest was a hard surface, and the impact of hitting his head caused a skull fracture. The life-threatening injuries resulted in the child being transported to Children’s Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska.

Cheron Hernandez told officers that she’d had a long day at work, and she was frustrated and tired. She said that the baby would not stop crying and she couldn’t quiet him down. After trying to calm the baby and failing, she picked him up and threw him at the chair, according to the complaint documents.

There has been no update regarding the child’s health since the incident occurred.