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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – More than 150 Sioux City seniors depend on Meals on Wheels for lunch every day. This vital community service is in now in need of help.

For many homebound seniors, Meals on Wheels provide not only a healthy meal but also a visit with a friendly face. Sioux City’s program is short at least three drivers every day stretching their ability to serve everyone in need. 

“I just feel like I have a visitor or somebody brought me something,” said Constance Minton, a senior who receives meals. 

Meals on Wheels is able to operate and feed many in Sioux City with the help of volunteers. Rosemary Jurney began volunteering 40 years ago with her husband. Though he is no longer with her, she continues to help others.

“Rosemary is just special and the men are nice too,” said Joanne Stephens, a senior.

“It’s like having 45 grandmothers you know everybody shares and one lady who I’m watching said to me you know you’re the highlight of my week when you come because she doesn’t have company that comes to visit her,” said Rosemary Jurney.  

Volunteers always do wellness checks when they deliver the food.

“She visits and checks on me and makes sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to do I guess,” said Peg Bies, a senior.

Helping many people live on their own, longer. 

“We believe that it keeps them in their home and healthier much longer we know that institutional care is very costly not only to use as individuals but to us as a society if we are able to keep them in a home longer where they want to be that’s a benefit to everyone,” said Chris Kuchta the regional marketing director.

Chris Kuchta and others who work at the Connections Area Agency on Aging are often pulled from their work to help deliver meals when volunteers are short.

“There has been times in the past unfortunately where we had a waiting list because the funding is starting to run short so having the volunteers helps to keep that program extended as far as it can,” said Kuchta.

Right now, they’re doing everything they can to keep this important program rolling. 

“Wonderful! I love people and most of the people I met are friendly and helpful,” said Evone Hagberg, a senior citizen.

If you want to volunteer, you can find contact information by clicking here

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