A previous version had the wrong amount of time sentenced due to an error in the press release. The correct sentencing has been added.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A man was sentenced to prison for allegedly shooting someone nearly 10 times on the same day that he had been released from prison for separate crimes.  

According to a release from the United States Attorney’s Office, Rudy Johnson, 28, of Sioux City was sentenced to prison for possession of a firearm and ammunition after he had been released for a 2012 “crime spree.” 

The release stated that Johnson got 16 guns through illegal means. During the summer of 2012, Johnson and his accomplices allegedly used a stolen automatic rifle to rob the employees of Seol Foods located in South Sioux City. The release specified that the clerk who was working had their four children inside the store during the robbery. Johnson allegedly used a knife to hold up the store’s butcher.  

On the same day, according to the release, Johnson and the other accomplices allegedly plotted to rob another business but when the business was “too busy,” they opted to attempt a drive-by shooting. When the gun misfired, they drove away. Johnson was sentenced to prison for these occurrences on August 15, 2013.  

Johnson completed his prison term on December 11, 2020 and entered a term of supervised release. On the same day, Johnson allegedly illegally obtained a handgun. On December 20 he transported the gun to Iowa and shot a man nine times. He then allegedly concealed the weapon and fled.  

The release indicated that during Reams’ sentencing hearing, he testified that he didn’t intend to murder the shooting victim and asked for a lighter sentence. Evidence showed that Reams allegedly told another person that he had the weapon and “whatever happens, happens,” on the night of the shooting. The release also stated that it was “undisputed” that Reams shot the victim nine times without hitting anyone else even though they were in a crowded area. 

Johnson was sentenced to 96 months in prison for possessing a firearm as a felon, and the court revoked his term of supervised release for the 2012 crime spree sentencing. He was sent back to prison to complete a 24-month term in prison, resulting in a total new sentence of 144 months. Upon completion of the full 144-month term, he must serve a three-year term of supervised release.  

The release stated that Reams is being held in the custody of the United States Marshal until he can be transported to a federal prison.  

The case was investigated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), the U.S. Marshalls, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Task Force, and the Sioux City, Iowa Police Department.