SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – A man was arrested in Sioux City after he allegedly caused a 14-inch wound during an alleged attempted robbery.  

According to complaint documents filed by the Sioux City Police Department, at 1:56 p.m. on Sunday Hamilton Veliz-Cantor, 23, of Sioux City, saw a man standing outside the door of his home.  

Veliz-Cantor allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife from a nearby table and approached the man who had begun to walk away from the residence. Valiz-Cantor allegedly demanded that the man give Valiz-Cantor his money, but the man told Valiz-Cantor that he did not have any money, according to the documents.  

Officers were able to locate Veliz-Cantor at his residence and he was taken into custody.

Valiz-Cantor then took the knife and cut the man from the top of his head and down the side, resulting in a wound that measured 14 inches in length. Valiz-Cantor then returned to the residence, and the victim was transported to a local hospital and indicated to police that he feared for his life, according to the documents.

Veliz-Cantor was charged with first-degree robbery, causing serious injury, and going armed with intent.  

According to a release from the Sioux City Police Department, they are also working with the Department of Homeland Security because Veliz-Cantor has previously been deported and allegedly returned to the country illegally.