DENISON, Iowa (KCAU) — A Sioux City man had a preliminary hearing on Tuesday for charges resulting from allegedly stalking a woman and assaulting her while holding her hostage.

According to complaint documents filed by the Denison Police Department, Chance Michaels, 49, of Sioux City, was arrested on April 2, after breaking into a woman’s apartment and holding her hostage by handcuffing her.

Michaels allegedly had been stalking the woman for some time leading up to his arrest. Between March 7 and March 17, he would use 12 different numbers to contact her. He also told her that he would continue to change his number so she couldn’t hide from him after she continuously told him to leave her alone. The documents state that he also used seven different emails to contact her.

On March 17, he allegedly placed a GPS tracker on the victim’s car. Michaels was accused of using the tracker to follow her vehicle to work and then he took the tracker off. Officials were able to find black tape under the back duct tape bumper.

The victim told police that she feared Michaels, according to the documents. Officials spoke with him on the phone, and he admitted to being under her vehicle in the parking lot.

At 1:19 a.m. on April 2, Michaels was texting and calling the victim multiple times despite not answering, documents state. He allegedly waited for her to get home, then broke into her residence while armed with a knife and a Taser.

Michaels was accused of taking photos of the victim and other items, and he used the TASER on her six to seven times, resulting in multiple injuries. Michaels threatened to do it again if she screamed.

The complaint documents did not specify how, but the victim was able to place a 911 call. During the call, there was a struggle heard between Michaels and the victim. Michaels discovered the phone and allegedly disconnected the call.

Later that day at 11:28 a.m., officials were able to find a red Volkswagen that was being rented to Michaels. Inside the vehicle, officials found in plain view burglar tools that had been purchased from Walmart. The documents specified that those tools were allegedly used to gain entry into the victim’s apartment.

Court documents state that officials found Michaels to be in possession of nine social security cards, driver’s licenses, and a number of debit and credit cards. Officials discovered on April 7 that he allegedly used two of those cards to add funds to his jail account for phone calls.

Michaels was charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary, intimidation with a dangerous weapon, stalking with a dangerous weapon, aggravated stalking, serious stalking, willful injury, first-degree harassment, assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, false imprisonment, and possession of burglars tools. He was additionally charged with 37 counts of forgery. The documents noted that Michaels has been charged with harassment four times. The charges were amended to add a Habitual Offender enhancement.