SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A man accused of causing life-threatening injuries to his previous roommate has been arrested and charged with various crimes.

According to court documents, officers arrived at Save A Lot Saturday night and found a man that was covered in blood and bleeding from his right arm. The man had been stabbed, and an artery had been severed, causing him to lose consciousness until the following day.  

When the victim was able to give details about the incident, it was noted that the suspect matched the physical and clothing description of a separate stabbing. The release indicated that the victim knew his attacker, identifying him as Joseph “Joey” McCauley.  

The documents alleged the victim told law enforcement McCauley had been staying with him for several days before he kicked McCauley out. When he ran into McCauley again, McCauley had a knife that he used to stab the victim. 

Law enforcement was reportedly able to find McCauley with the information provided by the victim. He was found within one block of the area where the victim had told officers he was known to frequently hang around. When he was located by law enforcement, he was found in possession of the spring-loaded double-edged knife in plain view, three live shotgun shells, and a scratch ticket that was folded up to hold 1 gram of marijuana. The documents did not specify if the knife was used to stab the victim. 

When the victim was provided a photo lineup, he was able to identify McCauley as the man who stabbed him. 

The documents indicated that McCauley had prior convictions for methamphetamine on three separate occasions. He also was classified as a felon in Nebraska for drug convictions and domestic abuse which prohibits him from possessing a dangerous weapon and ammunition.  

It was reported that McCauley admitted to assaulting the victim over an altercation that occurred between McCauley, the victim, and a third party just days prior to the stabbing. He also admitted to knowingly possessing items in which he was prohibited.  

McCauley was charged with attempted murder, control of a dangerous weapon, possession of a firearm by a felon, going armed with intent, possession of a controlled substance, and the use of a dangerous weapon to commit a crime.  

McCauley was booked with a bond of $150,000.