SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A ticket purchased in Sioux City missed winning a record-breaking Powerball by just one number.

According to the Iowa lottery, about 38,000 tickets won prizes Saturday, and among those prizes was a $150,000 prize from a ticket purchased at Floyd Food and Fuel on Floyd Boulevard.

The winning ticket matched four white numbers and the Powerball number. Usually, this combination would win $50,000 however the lottery ticket was purchased with the Power Play option which increased the prize to $150,000. The winning numbers were 19-31-40-46-57 with a Powerball of 23. The power play number was 3.

To claim the $150,000 prize the winner must bring their ticket to the headquarters of the Iowa Lottery, which is located in Clive, or to a regional office which are located in Cedar Rapids, Storm Lake, and Mason City.

The annuity option of Powerball has grown to $1 billion. Taking the annuity option results in payments over the course of 29 years increasing by 5% each year. Taking the cash option results in an immediate payout though of a much lesser amount, about $497 million.

Regardless of the option taken, 24% is taken out for federal taxes and another 5% is taken out to cover state taxes. These taxes apply to each payment and are taken out automatically. However, these numbers do not represent the final amount of taxes due on winnings. Instead, these numbers are an estimate of how much tax will be owed on the lump sum, the final tax amount is figured at tax time.