SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Fires might not be on people’s minds as they watch the snowy weather, but first responders said there’s a variety of safety tips Siouxlanders need to remember.

Lieutenant John Nelsen with Sioux City Fire Rescue said during this winter weather, fires can occur from space heaters if they are left unattended or accidentally covered by a blanket. But fires aren’t the only dangers that can occur inside people’s homes, according to Lt. Nelsen.

“Paying attention to our furnaces so they don’t have icicles blocking the exhaust ports for that, creating a backup of [carbon monoxide] poisoning in their house, making sure that their [carbon monoxide] alarms work and fire alarms work, so just be proactive instead of reactive,” said Lt. Nelsen.

He added that fire trucks can also face challenges getting to a house when the roads are covered in snow and urges Siouxlanders to keep an eye on their neighbors when they’re shoveling snow because the fire department often sees an uptick in medical emergencies related to shoveling.