SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — For Siouxlanders who have wondered what life is like as a fireman, the Sioux City Fire Rescue started a podcast named Before the Tones Drop.

“So yeah, the idea for a podcast kind of came one day as we were just kind of hanging out talking and ‘you know this would be a really good idea for a podcast’ and it was kind of something we kind of kicked around for months and months and months until finally we were one day ‘we should do something with this,'” said Ben Morehead, host of Before the Tones Drop.

“And a couple of the guys brought this idea to us as we were talking about some challenges we were having with recruiting and some challenges we were having with getting some messages across, both internally and externally,” said Chief Tom Everett of Sioux City Fire Rescue.

“There’s a lot of great stories and not from me, I haven’t been around the longest but as a young guy, there’s nothing better than sitting around and hearing some of the older guys talk and tell stories from, whether it was funny stories or stories from fires or calls back in the day. Guys with 20, 30 years in this department, that’s what, as a young guy, is the best to listen to,” said Morehead.

“I mean every guy that’s on that podcast is one of those people that just puts extra effort into the department. Thay have a lot of fun with it, and they have a lot of great ideas. They’re open to other people’s ideas as far as who to interview, what topics they should cover, things like that,” said Everett.

“We’re in this for the people we bring on and some of the guests, to hear their stories. We’re doing it for the department and for our people but absolutely, it’s always tough when you put yourself out there, especially in front of your co-workers, and we’re hoping what we can bring to them they’re gonna like and it’s something that they can be proud of as well,” said Morehead.