SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Hunt A+ Arts Elementary School is the only school in Siouxland without air conditioning as they wait for their new building to be finished.

The school has dismissed students the last couple days due to the heat. Construction for a new building is underway, but the project won’t be complete until May of 2022 as construction continues.

Director of Operations and Maintenance for Sioux City Community School District Tim Paul said while he’s excited for the school’s new features, the air conditioning is one of the most important additions.

“Ultimately, we want the best learning environment for our students and that is important through not only the education part but also through the building that they’re in and we want to provide the most comfortable environment that we can for them as well,” Paul said.

The new building will be equipped with geothermal heating and cooling. Meanwhile, the school released students early Tuesday and Monday due to the heat.