Sioux City economic development boom expected to continue in 2020

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From business projects to residential construction developers are putting a bulls-eye on Sioux City.

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Sioux City is entering the new year on a wave of new development. Builds are underway downtown and in outlying neighborhoods.

From business projects to residential construction, developers are putting a bulls-eye on Sioux City. It’s a target expected to stay in focus throughout the new year.

“More money. More money, more jobs, more opportunities,” said Casper Stevens, who lives in Sioux City.

Stevens said the uptick in local development is good for him and everyone in Siouxland.

City leaders seem to agree, predicting new-found prosperity for Sioux City in 2020.

“We have a whole bunch of projects that are under construction right now. You can tell from the cranes and everything and with the interstate being done and some of these major hotel projects and the Expo Center. It’s just gonna really transform not only downtown but the front door to Sioux City,” said Marty Dougherty.

Growth at the front door is translating into growth in neighborhoods. According to city numbers, 363 local housing units were built in 2019, a new record for residential construction.

“I think a lot of it is economic development the extremely low unemployment rate. We have right now businesses are looking for everything they can find, bringing people from outside. We haven’t really seen that in a long time, so the housing stock now really followed along so now it’s starting to try to catch up to what we are seeing on the economic development,” said Chris Madsen, the Sioux City senior planner.

With no fewer than eight major projects on the local landscape, economic growth is unmistakable in Sioux City.

Economic Development Director Marty Dougherty said developers continue to be interested.

“For the first time, some new buildings are going to be built downtown, which it’s been a while, so that is an amazing trend that I think you will see some of the continued commercial industrial development more on the edges of town,” said Dougherty.

Something people like Casper Stevens look forward to.

“I look forward to it just moved back to Sioux City so right now just working somewhere else and might get a second job there,” said Stevens.

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