SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Officials from the Sioux City Community School District are warning of several social media sites involving students and staff that they say are harassing and could violate district policy.

District officials said in a statement Tuesday that they’ve become aware of “several inappropriate social media sites that have been created recently involving members.” They add that the sites have pictures of some students and staff with many inappropriate names. Officials said that the sites violate the district’s bullying and harassment policy, since the site are harrassing in nature.

The school district isn’t aware of how many of the “inappropriate” social media sites exist, but that the sites that officials are aware of seem to be directed at high school students and staff.

The school district said that the sites can negatively impact others even if they believe it to be harmless. They are asking that families familiarize themselves with the schools social media and district policy.

Read the full letter sent to Sioux City CSD families below:

Dear Sioux City Community School District Students & Families,

Recently, we became aware of several inappropriate social media sites targeting members of our district community including students and staff. We take the nature of these sites and the content on them very seriously. The sites are harassing in nature and violate Board Policy 504.4 which addresses bullying and harassment in the District.
We are committed to providing all students and staff with an environment in which members of our district are treated with dignity and respect. No student or staff member deserves to be the subject of hurtful, disrespectful, or inappropriate social media content. Bullying and harassment of any kind, including the content on these social media sites, are not tolerated. Any student found to be in violation of our board policy will be subject to appropriate discipline or other action pursuant to District policies.

We encourage any student who has created one of these social media sites to remove it immediately. Students are also discouraged from commenting on these sites as their comments could also be a violation of school policy.

The students and staff in our district have the right to a learning environment where they can believe, achieve, and succeed. They have a right to a supportive community. That starts with respect for one another.

Thank you for partnering with us to ensure our district community is a safe learning environment where every member is respected.

Dr. Paul Gausman
Sioux City Community School District