SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Now that the weather is warmer this week, the city is taking the opportunity to fix up potholes created from the winter conditions.

According to their Facebook page, the City of Sioux City has street crews that are repairing potholes around the city. The post said the crews are patching up potholes on 400 miles of paved streets.

An official from the city said the fasted way to get them fixed is by reporting them through the city’s website.

“So, either they can call into the street division, call into customer service, call our office up in city hall or, the best way is to do the report pothole form on the website. When you go on the city’s website there’s a ‘I Want To’ click on that and it says ‘report’ there’s a list of things and one of the items on there is pothole,” said Sioux City Public Works Director, David Carney.

That site also covers reporting things like streetlights, graffiti, and odors.