Sioux City officials work together to inform public of COVID-19 measures

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – This afternoon, the city of Sioux City and the police department announced how they will support Gov. Kim Reynolds’ latest proclamation.

Their main goal is education informing the public on increased social distancing, and mask wearing when out in public.

“It’s been spread to the extreme that now we have to take drastic measures and try to get control of it,” said Sioux City resident Tina.

But, it’s going to be a team effort with the public and city.

“I have full confidence that the majority of people are going to take care of themselves and do the right thing,” said Chief Rex Mueller of the Sioux City Police Department.

Iowans all being on the same page and holding each other accountable; wearing masks, limiting gatherings, and practicing social distancing when walking into a business.

“I hate to see anything shut down especially our small businesses. That’s their life that’s their lively hood their income and I hate to see it compromised because the community can’t follow some rules and together try to kick this in the butt,” said Tina.

If an Iowa business is not following Reynolds’ proclamation, Siouxlanders can make a report with the Iowa Department of Inspections and appeal or call local police.

“We will go in and investigate as needed, but our resources need to be directed toward public safe in the sense that we need to respond to crime. But, we think our citizens and have faith in our citizens that they are going to police themselves, but for those people who do have concerns thought we will respond,” said Mueller.

Ultimately, people will need to come together and follow the governor’s orders to help keep Iowa’s economy open.

“People need to follow them so we can get through this and get better. I don’t know what normal is ever going to be but to me safety is our priority,” said Tina.

Reynolds proclamation is in effect until December 10.

Below is the full proclamation Reynolds issued Monday, Nov. 16.

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