Sioux City City Council votes to remove some Hamilton Blvd traffic lights

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The daily commute on Hamilton Boulevard will soon change, but not without a disagreement between council members. 

Three traffic lights along Hamilton Boulevard in Sioux City have been under study for removal for the past 90 days. On Monday night, the city council approved the removal.  

While the lights at West 8th Street and West 22nd were approved almost unanimously, the light at 3rd and Hamilton passed with a vote of 3 to 2. 

Members expressed concerns about the light’s removal affecting the emergency route. 

“Well, we haven’t had any comments from emergency services regarding response times in the 90-day trial period and that intersection has been closed during the whole time. So, it hasn’t been an issue that they brought forward. We will double-check with them to see if there’s anything that they would to see us change as far as traffic control on some of the side streets abiding that.” says Public Works Director David Carney 

Another issue is that once the traffic light on 3rd and Hamilton is removed, that same intersection will also be closed. 

Council members have heard that during the 90-day removal study, drivers have been taking short-cuts thru the parking lot of the Siouxland Center for Active Generations which could pose a public safety issue. 

Council Member Dan Moore said that’s why he voted against the removal. 

“I think public safety extends beyond on just Hamilton Boulevard. We can always re-visit to remove a signal. Once a signal’s removed it would be very, very difficult to get that back in place and in location. Lot of things would have to happen, come into play before that would even occur.” says Mayor Pro Tem Dan Moore. 

The city plans on begining the removal of those traffic lights as soon as possible.  

Construction of a new median at  3rd and Hamilton won’t begin until spring. 

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