SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Monday night, the Sioux City City Council voted to approve a contract with the Sioux City Parks and Recreation Foundation for financial and construction management of a new project at Cone Park.

According to an agreement included in the council’s packet, all fiscal management, including writing checks and providing basic financial statements will be taken care of by the council.

“Due to the benefit to the public and the City related to the construction of the Projects, these services shall be provided at no additional cost to the Foundation,” the agreement read.

While not explicitly agreed to in the resolution Monday night, the council is expected to contribute $632,000 to the project as part of the Fiscal Year 2024 Capitol Improvement Project Plan. The CIP Plan is expected to be approved in the coming months. The other money for the project will be transferred to the city as part of the project management and will be kept in a separate account.

The biking trail at Cone Park is part of a larger biking trail system in Woodbury County. In October 2021 Matt Salvatore, Parks & Recreation Director, said that while Cone Park is a winter destination, the addition of biking trails could bring people to the park year-round.

Another part of the project that the city will handle is construction management. Construction management generally includes things such as oversight of construction, reviewing and paying applications, and ensuring the project is successfully completed.

While the city is contributing $632,000, most of the cost will come from private funds that have been raised for the project, about $2.35 million. About half of the privately raised funds have come from the Chesterman Family Foundation, a Sioux City Charity. The project also received $14,700 from Destination Iowa, a program designed to “bolster life in Iowa” as well as attract visitors and new residents.

Any other costs that the city incurs will have to be paid for by the foundation.

The action was taken Monday night during the consent agenda which means no additional discussion took place on the issue.