SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A Sioux City gun is no longer in the books.

The Sioux City City Council repealed a city code that regulated handguns within the city. Back in April, Governor Kim Reynolds signed House File 756 into law, giving Iowans the right to purchase, open carry or conceal carry handguns without a permit.

Councilmember Dan Moore said the repeal had to happen because of House File 756.

“And basically cities cannot govern those aspects of carrying firearms. We had an ordinance on the books that allowed the city to govern that. That’s no longer the case, so we had the delete it from the books. That allowed the city to do that, so now it’s no longer on the books. I hope it doesn’t have any impact now that we’ve done that, because we still have the federal laws and the state laws,” Moore said.

The new law prohibits cities from passing their own gun laws. Currently, it’s illegal to carry firearms or other offensive weapons inside city limits without a permit. The move will make it so the City’s rules fall in line with state law.

The council also approved rezoning a large area of land at the edge of Sioux City. It’s part of the Iowa DOT’s request to annex 173 acres including the Highway 75 and Highway 20 interchange in order to build a new facility.

The DOT is also petitioning the city to remove the traffic loops from the interchange and replace them with traffic lights. The proposal has received criticism from Sioux City residents.