SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – The Sioux City City Council passed a resolution Monday that would allow for a curfew to be put in place this week.

The emergency resolution passed unanimously, allowing for Mayor Bob Scott to enact a curfew in Sioux City city limits through June 7 if requested by police.

Officials stressed that a curfew isn’t in place, but the resolution allows one to be enacted if there is a need for it.

“Just to be clear, We are not declaring an emergency with this item. We are not declaring a one-week long curfew. We are establishing a time frame that one could be called if necessary. We are doing that solely because we have council meetings once a week. It would take a council approval for the mayor to call that curfew. And then you have your 24 hour notice requirement. We just want to have this tool available should it bee needed for the next week,” City Manager Bob Padmore said.

Mayor Bob Scott said that they hope that they don’t have to enact the curfew.

“It will not go into place without a really strong recommendation from our police department. I won’t sign it without that. I want to assure you that,” Scott said.

Scott said that they wouldn’t arrest anyone going to or from work or a medical emergency or related issues.

Padmore added that if a curfew would be enacted, they would give a two-hour notice.

Watch the City Council meeting below.