SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — A proposal by Sioux City city staff aimed at increasing the number of applicants for job openings with the city of Sioux City is moving ahead at city hall, But not without some questions.

Council members on Monday approved a first reading of an ordinance that expands the mileage requirement in which employees of the city may reside from 10 miles to 30 miles. But the vote was 3-2 and an attempt to also approve the required second and third reading of the ordinance failed. According to city staffers, research of past applicants has shown that the current residency requirement is a reason for turning down city employment.

Mayor Bob Scott told KCAU 9 he is not convinced.

“They’ve not convinced me that residency is the problem attracting firemen and policemen and paramedics and all that stuff. I’m not convinced of that and maybe one of these days they’ll have more than ‘well we talked to some people and this is what they told us,'” Scott said.

Both Scott and Councilman Alex Waters voted against the residency change.

The issues will be back before council in 2 weeks.