SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City City Council discussed leasing the Riverside Recreational Sports Complex for outdoor youth sports programs and leagues.

Both Westside Little League and the Arena Sports Academy submitted proposals for the lease. City council voted to postpone any decision until December 19.

Justin Sanders is the president of Westside Little League. He said whichever group is awarded the lease; the two sides still need to work together.

“The main topic is just who maintains and operates the fields. I firmly believe whoever is awarded the lease will work with the other party in maximizing the fields and maximizing opportunities for baseball and softball players in Sioux City,” said Sanders.

Dustin Cooper is the director of the Arena Sports Academy and Hesse Foundation. He said the next two weeks will be a great opportunity for both sides to communicate more before the city council makes a decision on who gets the lease.

“What the city has encouraged ourselves along with west side little league to do is for Justin Sanders, the president of Westside Little League, as well as myself, to sit down and have a conversation and just see if there are ways to strengthen our partnership moving forward and come up with a proposal that works for both of us,” said Cooper.

The lease will be active for one year with the possibility of extending it in the future.