SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City City Council has moved forward on the topic of SkyWest’s contract and a resolution opposing CO2 pipelines around the city.

The Sioux City City Council unanimously approved a recommendation by the U.S. DOT to award a three-year contract to SkyWest Airlines. it will be under the Essential Air Services program.

Last week, the airport’s board of trustees approved this recommendation to be sent to the council for approval.

The board states that the city is a “high-demand market that performs amongst the top of the essential air service cities.”

“Yeah well I mean we go through this about what every three or four years so it’s not like it’s something new. But yeah, going through the process and getting a recommendation and signing the letter today is a giant step forward and hopefully they’ll approve it we’ll be continued to have service” Mayor Bob Scott said.

Meanwhile, council members passed a resolution to oppose the construction and operation of the Co2 pipelines in or near the city of Sioux City. It comes about two weeks after Navigator canceled its project.

“Well everybody has a different reason, one I don’t think you need a co-2 pipeline as close as they want to run them by the city limits. I think that is a concern. Number two, even more so to me, is when it’s easier for a profit-oriented business to do combination then it is for a city to put utilities in there’s just something wrong with that system. It shouldn’t be that easy,” Scott said.

On Monday, Summit started up its hearing again for a permit to build its pipeline in Iowa. The hearing continues tomorrow at 8 a.m. in Fort Dodge.