One Sioux City caucus precinct accused of invalid results

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Woodbury County is one of several Iowa precincts where irregularities in the caucus process were noted.

While caucus leaders caught this discrepancy at Precinct 20 and have reported it to the Democratic National Committee in Des Moines, it’s errors like these that are calling the caucus process into question.

When caucus night kicked off in Woodbury County, it started on a high note.

“2,500 new voter registrations! This was the best caucus we ever had and I’ve been doing caucuses for 25 years,” said Teresa Wolff, Woodbury County Democratic Vice-Chairperson.

Record-breaking turnout paired with distinguished debate, leading local Democrats to believe this was going to be Iowa’s most successful caucus yet.

“It was the smoothest caucus I’ve ever been apart of,” said Jeremy Dumkrieger, Woodbury County Democratic Chairperson.

“We had no problems at any of our caucus sites,” said Wolff.

“It was great. If it wasn’t for that app we wouldn’t be talking about this,” said Dumkrieger.

Oh, the app, a new one, designed for report results became a failing app and clogged phone lines increasing the potential for error.

“It was chaotic and you had people calling in making prank phone calls and everyone was stressing out,” said Dumkrieger. “It’s very simple to write down the wrong number and transpose it when you’re trying to hurry to get a number in.”

One of those errors skewing the results of Sioux City’s Precinct 20.

“Things move very fast during the caucuses and maybe they made a paper mistake,” said Wolff.

Somewhere from the time the votes were counted, to the time the votes were reported three days later, results from Precinct 20 were copied from Precinct 5.

The results reported Joe Biden as the winner of a precinct that overwhelmingly voted for Bernie Sanders.

“We had noticed a couple of things that needed to be corrected we understand that people are human and we notified Des Moines and they take care of it,” said Wolff.

Woodbury County Democrats, not sure what exactly went wrong, but they insist that the mistake wasn’t the result of intentional meddling.

“We’re humans, everyone is human. A little minor math error could have a consequence of a delegate and if people made a mistake then they double-check,” said Dumkrieger.

As of Friday night, it’s unknown if Precinct 20 will be subject to a recanvass, but as other precincts across the state get doubled checked, further delays will cast a shadow of doubt over the future of the ‘First in the Nation’ caucuses.

“It’s our choice whether we go to balloting or not as a state, and we caucus. That’s how we do it,” said Wolff.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future,” said Dumkrieger.

It’s unclear when exactly the outcome of the caucuses will be settled.

Meanwhile, candidates are busy focusing on the next primaries including New Hampshire, which is coming up next week.

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