SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Kicking off the 50th annual RAGBRAI, the City of Sioux City has announced the slogan for the 2023 bike ride.

The city announced that the slogan is “You Never Forget Your First Ride,” a callback to when Sioux City acted as the start of the very first RAGBRAI in 1973. The slogan and logo were selected by residents on the RAGBRAI Publicity Committee and designed by Jeff Gordon.

After this year, Sioux City will have served as the RAGBRAI start eight times: 1973, 1978, 1988, 1993, 2001, 2010, 2015, and this year.

“Sioux City is excited for the 50th anniversary of RAGBRAI, Sioux City RAGBRAI Chair Mat Salvator said. “RAGBRAI can showcase Sioux City like no other event and create a powerful economic impact. Cyclists and their support teams from across the country and aound the globe will flood Sioux City on Friday and Saturday to eat in our restaurants, stay in our hotels, shop, buy gas, and more.”

To date, more than 17,000 riders have registered.

Chris Larsen and Riverside Parks will serves as campgrounds for registered cyclists. Unregistered riders can camp at Cook Park. Additionally, the Tyson Events Center and the Long lines Family Rec Center parking lots will host the entertainment and bike expo area.

The city will provide updated information about RAGBRAI on its website and on social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Anyone who would like to volunteer, be a vendor, or host cyclists and fill out a form on the Sioux City RAGBRAI website.

RAGBRAI announced that Sioux City would be the western Iowa town to kick off the annual bike ride in late January.

Every overnight town develops a theme. The City of Storm Lake announced on March 10 the theme of their overnight stop during the 2023 RAGBRAI ride. In addition, RAGBRAI also has its own daily themes.

RAGBRAI announced the full route for the 2023 bike ride Monday. Starting in Sioux City, the route makes its way to Kingsly, Washta, and Quimby before ending the first day in Storm Lake. The following day, riders will go through Early, Lake View, Breda, and Mt. Carmel before stopping in Carroll.

RAGBRAI L will take place from July 22 through July 29.