SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Siouxland healthcare providers spent Wednesday learning how to deal with certain high-risk scenarios.

While many soon to be healthcare providers are taught listening to power points and speakers, in Siouxland, Simulation in Motion-Iowa allows for the practice of a variety of medical possibilities like seizures or heart-attacks from their mobile simulation program.

“We have four patient simulators; so we have an adult male, an adult female who can also give birth, we have a child, and then we have an infant. Those simulators are high fidelity, they’re run by computers so they have heart sounds, lung sounds, they can breathe, they have pulses,” said Jacinda Bunch, senior advisor with Simulation in Motion-Iowa.

The mobile simulation will be housed in Sioux City when it’s not traveling to different local Siouxland communities.