SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – With Cyber Monday approaching, some Siouxlanders are hesitant to take part in the online deals.

Delays at southern California ports are ongoing, making holiday shoppers question whether or not their online orders could make it in time for Christmas.

“I tried to order some things early, and it’s still taking a while to get, and I’m not even sure I’ll get it by Christmas,” Sioux City resident Eric Reicks said.

Ongoing shipping delays at southern California ports are getting in the way of online orders arriving on time, and with Cyber Monday approaching, locals are debating how they will complete their shopping.

“I know for a fact, heck, one of my online orders was already canceled. So, you know, it comes down to, you know, deal versus reliability, and I think at this point it’s kind of looking like reliability, when you want to get your gifts to people on time,” Sioux City resident Colin Ryan said.

“What I already have ordered, you know, I’ve pre-ordered and stuff like that,” Reicks said.

Some are considering not participating in the online deals at all.

“I don’t do any online shopping. I’d rather go to the stores and get my merchandise and see what I’m getting,” Ida Grove resident Dwayne Scannell said.

For those who are still looking to take advantage of the Monday deals, local officials said you should be aware of your surroundings.

“This is the season where we see an uptick in our porch pirates or thefts from porches of packages that get delivered, know when your stuff gets delivered. Try to be there when you can. Make arrangements to maybe have it delivered somewhere else where people are watching it,” Sergeant Jeremy McClure said.

Ryan said he won’t completely skip out on Cyber Monday.

“Maybe not so much with Christmas gifts whereas, you know, just taking advantage of deals for something maybe I’ve had my own eye on. Something like that where it’s not as much of a time crunch,” Ryan said.

According to FinancesOnline, the United States had $10.8 billion in online sales during last year’s Cyber Monday, which was the biggest E-Commerce selling day of all time.