SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Shelby Houlihan is known for her running records. The steroid nandrolone was found in her system and puts her career on hold.

The announcement on Houlihan’s Instagram comes just a day before the US track and field trials begin for the Tokyo Olympics.

According to her post, she was informed of the positive test in January of this year. Houlihan has been attempting to appeal the result and avoid a ban, saying the positive was due to a pork burrito, not an intentionally taken steroid.

A trainer at Thrive Gym says it’s crucial for Olympians to pay attention to their diets.

“It really comes from what am I putting in my body to feed my body the right way and is my body getting enough nutrients to handle the demands that I’m putting on it because it’s a shell,” says Rininger.

All dietary needs aside, certain hormones found in food can show up in tests.

According to Heather Fowler of the National Pork Board, “Some research suggests the naturally occurring hormones in the meat and organs from intact male pigs can impact nandrolone test results.”

Rininger says the variety of requirements Olympians have to meet are demanding.

“It’s physical, mental and emotional. The stress that’s put on an individual to be successful when put in that spot,” says Rininger

According to Houlihan’s Instagram post, she ate the pork organ burrito 10 hours before her drug test, which took place last December.