SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Two men have been arrested after allegedly supplying underage with alcohol with one man facing additional charges of lascivious acts.

According to court documents, law enforcement came across a disturbance at a Sergeant Bluff residence on Oct. 21 around 4:35 p.m. The officer saw several parties screaming at one another. A man informed the officer that his girlfriend’s daughter and her friend were in the house. The man continued to explain that he went to the door and asked for the girls, and two men came out of the residence. The male party says two males tried to fight and told them to leave claiming the girls were not in the house.

Documents state the officer identified the two men as Paul Saxen, 33, and Eric Sedano, 27, both of Sergeant Bluff, as they began to approach the other man. The man further explained that GPS from the girl’s phone showed them to be in the house and that the girls’ friends called their parents saying they were intoxicated and one man was allegedly trying to have sexual relations with them.

While the man was reporting to the officer, the court document said Saxen was screaming vulgarities and telling them to get off of his property.

The officer then tried to approach Saxen asking about the whereabouts of the girls. Saxen told the officer the girls were not in the residence and demanded the officer get off his property. The officer noted that Saxen’s words were slurred and he had a strong odor of alcohol coming from him.

Documents state the officer waited for backup as Saxen kept wanting to fight. Once the other officer got to the scene, they tried to speak again, however, Saxen was still being belligerent. The officers started to detain Saxen. Saxen resisted and was brought to the ground to gain compliance, documents stated.

The report says once Paul Saxen was in cuffs, the two girls came out of the house. A witness also claimed Sedano was still in the house and that she had allegedly witnessed Sedano on the couch touching the two girls inappropriately.

Officers at the scene say Sedano had not responded to the door and a tactical unit went in to take Eric into custody.

Sedano was charged with two counts of lascivious acts, a class C felony, and two counts of supplying alcohol to a person underage, a serious misdemeanor. Saxen was charged with two counts of supplying alcohol to a person under legal age, interference with official acts, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication.

Sedano was booked into the Woodbury County Jail on a $15,000 bond. His next court appearance is scheduled for Oct 31.