SERGEANT BLUFFS, Iowa (KCAU) — Inspired by other local towns, Sergeant Bluff is holding a name-a-snowplow contest

At the beginning of the month, students from kindergarten through 8th grade were told they could name the city’s four snowplows. So far, Sergeant Bluff has 25 entries from students.

Once the city has received all the name suggestions, the city plans to choose four names from the list. Sergeant Bluff City Administrator Aaron Lincoln says he looks forward to seeing what unique names the kids choose.

“Like Darthblader, or Edward-Blizzard hands, or Snowy-White. And so, that was kinda try and get us to. I wanna bring that to our town. and find a way to connect the community with the kids with the businesses and just have a little fun,” said Lincoln.

Students have until January 4 to submit their ideas.