SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Art can exist anywhere, and on Saturday in Sioux City, art was in the ‘sky.’

Hundreds of Siouxlanders packed the skywalk downtown for the second annual Gallery in the Sky event. There were living paintings, live music, and about 70 booths where guests could visit local artists and purchase some of their work.  

“There’s people coming to this thing last year or this year and they’d never heard of the skywalks in the Sioux City,” said Event Coordinator Kitty Hart, “We drive and walk under them all the time and we don’t know that they’re up here and connecting us all within the arts in downtown Sioux City we want to be a part of.” 

The festival is over so the gallery will become home to new sets of murals that can be enjoyed anytime. 

More art events are coming to Sioux City as artists get ready for the local art pop-up event happening on April 22 at the Art Sux Gallery.