SOUTH SIOUX CITY, Neb. (KCAU) – In 2019, the South Sioux City Rental Inspection Board ruled the Scenic Park Apartments to be unsafe due to numerous code violations. City officials were then forced to evict every tenant of the property. Now, they are under new ownership.

“We did not want people living in that kind of deplorable shape, so having that building red tagged made sense and having it repaired also made sense,” South Sioux City City Administrator Lance Hedquist said.

Since then, Redlight Properties purchased the property that includes three buildings. Superintendent and Claypool Bros. Glass & Door owner Keith Claypool is overseeing the redevelopment of the complex.

“It was in pretty bad shape. We gutted it. We took 10, 30-yard roll offs just out of this apartment. We cleaned it, sanitized it, and now we’re building it back up,” Claypool said.

When complete, there will be 36 apartment units with new amenities available for rent.

“We’re remodeling everything. We took it down to the studs. It’s going to be all new heating, air conditioning. Everything in here is going to be new, and we’re going to have a laundromat right here in the middle that’s our intention,” said Claypool.

Helping provide a solution to housing issues for people moving into the Siouxland area.

“The property is getting improved so it will be there for a lot of people to reside in and help with the housing shortage that still exists in our area even despite the coronavirus issue,” said Hedquist.

The new and improved complex will also offer new conveniences for folks not living in the complex.

“Scooter rentals and a coffee shop here so everyone in the parking complex and the campground can enjoy it,” said Claypool.

Claypool says the first 12 units are expected to be available in the next three months.