SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — This year Iowa has experienced 193 traffic accidents with deaths and Sergeant Jeremy McClure from the Sioux City Police Department is urging all drivers to use extra caution.

“This is the deadliest year for accidents and we’re not even done with the year yet and we’ve already surpassed previous years,” said Jeremy McClure.

KCAU 9 sat down with Megan Murphy, a coordinator with A Brotherhood Aimed Towards Education. She said the best way to keep motorcyclists safe is to double-check before turning.

“As adults, we’ve become complacent in our skills and ability. You know we don’t take that second look and that’s how easily a motorcycle can be missed,” said Murphy.

Even with heat like Siouxland is feeling today, Murphy recommends bikers wear long boots, long pants, gloves, eye protection, helmets and a leather jacket when riding.

“With a heat index like this, it’s uncomfortable to wear big heavy leather coats so we always suggest long sleeve shirts with your leather vest,” said Murphy.

“Leather has been tested and proven to be the strongest material so far. For any reason, the motorcycle does go down, it prevents road rash or anything like that,” Murphy said.

All this equipment helps bikers protect something called their T-Zone.

“So from in the medical field, you know, you create a T. Shoulder to shoulder and then down your sternum. Basically all your internal organs, everything within the rib cage,” Murphy said.

As always, Sergeant McClure said, since many of these accidents involve drivers operating under the influence. Never get behind the wheel, or on a bike, intoxicated.