SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As the holidays hit Siouxland, people are looking to stay safe while driving.

Last year, five people died during the holiday from car crashes and Tri-State State Patrol is trying to make that number zero.

Troopers in all three Siouxland states will be out in large numbers for the Fourth of July and keeping a close eye on those behind the wheel.

Iowa State Trooper Karey Yaneff wants to remind people that if they see something that looks dangerous that they should check with authorities.

“If they see anyone that’s possibly impaired or they’re driving recklessly, please call 911. That’s the first thing because we want to get them off the road as quickly as possible,” said Yaneff. “If they think that we don’t want to bother them or we don’t want to bother the police. The biggest thing is we want them to call us as quickly as possible so that we can remove them off the road and they don’t endanger anyone else’s lives.”

AAA is expecting the busiest days for travel to be on Thursday and Friday.