SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Roughly $49,000 in supplemental pay could soon be on its way to a handful of law enforcement officers in Woodbury County who performed extra duties.

The legality of those payments was up for debate Tuesday night at the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors Meeting.

Sheriff Chad Sheehan explained the guidance he received from an outside legal counsel stating that the supplemental pay for those five officers was already budgeted for.

If approved, County Auditor Pat Gill could issue the checks as soon as tomorrow.

“It’s not going to end here, I think that it would be helpful in any discussions that we have with Pat to know what Doug’s analysis is. I mean, ultimately, Pat’s the one that’s going to decide whether to issue the checks or not,” said Sheehan.

The sheriff assured the board that the payments will not cost anything above the already approved budget.

“You know, I feel like we’re reaching legal opinion versus legal opinion and sometimes that’s sorted out by judges and not by supervisors,” said Board President Keith Radig.

Another event at Tuesday night’s board meeting was the news of Scott Mitchell being hired to be the next EMergency Services Manager of Woodbury County. He was the mayor of Hornick who led the town to recovery from a devasting flood back in 2019.